Our Favorite Things

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Over the years, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite guinea pig products. We’ve noted all the things our piggies love, from food and hay to treats and toys. Guinea pigs are sensitive animals—we only buy products that are healthy and safe for their little bodies.

Here are our favorite things!

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Small Pet Select  |  2nd Cutting Perfect Blend Timothy Hay

The absolute best Timothy hay out there is fresh from the Small Pet Select farm. Our piggies freak out whenever they smell a new box of hay open up. They gobble up every piece of hay and beg for more.

Most Timothy hay sold in pet stores is dry, crunchy and hard. Our piggies used to ignore it and barely eat it! Timothy hay is a super important part of your guinea pig’s diet—if not the most important part—so providing your piggie with fresh, delicious hay is a top priority.

Small Pet Select allows you to buy Timothy hay in bulk and for a great price in comparison to what a big pet store would charge you. We like to order 10lbs at a time. It comes in a nice box (which then becomes a great container to store it) and lasts so long!

Buy it here!


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Oxbow Animal Health  |  Simple Rewards Strawberry Treats

There are so many treats out there sold for guinea pigs that aren’t actually good for guinea pigs. Corn/kernel-based treats and yogurt treats are the biggest culprits of unhealthy snacks for guinea pigs. As much as your guinea pig might enjoy these treats, they aren’t healthy for them and provide little to no nutritional value.

Oxbow, one of our favorite pet brands, makes healthy treats for small animals that your guinea pigs will LOVE! Our pigs’ favorite are the Oxbow Simple Rewards Strawberry Treats. You can tell the treats are all-natural: they’re freeze-dried strawberries and boy do piggies love them!

Amazon sells them online for a great price, as well as Petsmart and local pet stores. However, we believe in supporting the company directly and buy straight from the Oxbow store on Amazon.

Buy them here!

(These treats are also available in banana)


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Oasis Vita-Drops, Concentrated Pure C for Guinea Pigs

As you may know, Vitamin C is the only vitamin guinea pigs’ bodies do not produce naturally. A guinea pig needs to get its Vitamin C in another form, and these Oasis Vitamin C drops are the perfect solution (other solutions include freshly cut bell peppers and strawberries, although strawberries should be an occasional treat due to their high levels of sugar).

Simple use a small plastic syringe (link provided below), take in 0.2mL and hold the syringe in front of your guinea pig. We promise, the second they smell the citrus from the liquid, they’ll slurp it right up! Feed your pig Vitamin C drops once every few days to make sure they’re getting a healthy amount of Vitamin C in their diet.

Buy a bottle here!

(Buy small syringes here!)


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Kaytee  |  Small Pet Nut Knot Nibbler Chew Toy

Guinea pigs have teeth that always grow, so giving them toys to chew on to maintain their dental health is something we always make sure to do. There are many great toys out there for them to chew on, but simple wood or wicker based toys are the best for their teeth. This is a fun one that keeps them busy for a long time!

Buy one here!

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Mini Organic Pet Grass Kit, 3 Pack  |  Wheatgrass for Pets

There is nothing in the world that our guinea pigs love more than freshly grown grass! This kit makes it SO easy to grow your own grass. Grass is totally safe for guinea pigs and actually helps their digestive tracks. Instead of cutting grass from your lawn (which you can’t trust if it has fertilizer on it), you can grow wheatgrass within 3 days right in your own home.

Buy a kit here!

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Carefresh  |  Complete Bedding

Most people don’t know that wood-based bedding is not safe for guinea pigs! We use paper-based bedding, which is soft and harmless. The 60L size is perfect and lasts long.

Buy it here!




We know your piggies will love these products too! Please email us at piggiepen@gmail.com if you have any questions about these items, or items you use. If you have your own favorites, we’d love to learn about them, and even include them in our next post!



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