Piggie Profile: Charlie


Inspector Chuck Browning: A Career for the Ages

By Charlie

Charlie here, also known as Inspector Chuck Browning, the resident police inspector of the piggie pen habitat. I have a few drug busts and arrests on my resume, so you could say I’m accomplished. Some may even say I am the law.

Once, I held a month long investigation about a suspicious entity called “mistletoe.” It was hanging around the precinct so I investigated suspicious perpetrators and held extensive meetings with my peers regarding its presence. When it mysteriously disappeared I took my investigations elsewhere. Unfortunately, there was no verdict due to lack of samplings.

Here are the facts about me: I’m a girl, despite my name being boyish. My sister is Penny. Peppers and grapes are my favorite foods. I choose pellets over hay when presented with both at once. I am curious, always on the lookout, and the queen of the habitat.

Thank you, that is all.

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